My Photo Post-Processing Workflow – Stage 1: Capture

My photo processing procedures include several stages, capture, processing, online access, and preservation. The Capture StageThe capture stage is probably the most important stage for organizing photos and keeping them organized from the time the shutter button is pushed to the time they are placed online for access and stored in a permanent location for…

Artist vs. Archivist

As a photographer and an archivist, the lines between the two roles are often blurred, at least in my personal life.  The photographer in me wants to spend my “photo hobby time” taking photos for creative purposes, editing those photos, posting them online and social media, and blogging about it.  The other side of me…

Ice Skating During a Pandemic

Nothing out of the ordinary here, other than everyone wearing masks. I took this December 23rd when I took the boys out for a walk downtown. Naturally I grabbed my camera and I am glad that I did. Even though the sun was out and in, mostly in, I managed to snap this one at…

My Canon 5D Mark III

After quite some time of saving, I finally got a full frame, full sensor DSLR.  I snagged me a nice used Canon 5D MARK III.  I was able to get a used L Series Canon 24-105mm lens while I was at it.  I love it.  I love the extra controls which makes changing setting so…


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