COVID-19, Photography, and Sanity (Part 1)

So back in March when everyone was figuring out how to deal with the shock-to-the-system of living in quarantine, (most for the first time in their lives), and finding ways of staying busy, entertained, and sane, for me that came in part through family hikes and photography.  Even though I was working full-time from home in my basement, there needed to be outlets to channel both mental and physical energy.  My latest burst of photography enthusiasm started shortly before the pandemic started, when things were just starting to get crazy and it was looking like there was going to be a quarantine.  I discovered that I had access to Adobe Lightroom and the rest of the Adobe Creative suite through Purdue as an employee.  This software benefit included a the ability to install a copy on my personal PC.  As I got engrossed in learning this software, I got hooked on it and soon said that if I ever lost access to it through Purdue, that I would be dishing out the money for a yearly subscription, something I had avoided in the past. This software is so powerful it has revolutionized my photo management and editing that I feel it’s worth the money

On the very first weekend that we went into quarantine, my family started going on nature hikes.  This became a regular occurrence as there was really nothing else to do and my wife kept finding fantastic places to go that we didn’t know about previously   Our first excursion was to the Celery Bog Nature Area in West Lafayette, a place we live near and have visited frequently.  The photo attached to this post is from that day.  I edited this photo in Lightroom and changed it from a throw-a-way photo to something that I really liked. It opened my eyes to the possibilities of what I could do in post-processing to photos taken with my little Canon Rebel T2i.   One thing that always went with me on these hikes was my DSLR.  The photos I‘ve taken are 2 parts COVID-19 documentary and 1 part photography.  But it was on one of these family excursions to get out of the house that I got the idea for a major photo project that I have been undertaking since the Spring and will continue for some time to come.  See an upcoming post to find out more about it.