COVID-19, Photography, and Sanity (Part 2)

Like I said in my last post, my family went on a lot of nature hikes during our quarantine.  That provided opportunities for some nature photography while also providing for good family time.  But it can be hard to give appropriate attention to spending time with my family and focusing on taking good photos.  So as a result, both usually suffered a little, unfortunately.  But I got some good shots to work with at home and I captured good memories of these times that I got to spend with my family during such an unusual and stressful time.  The photo in this post was taken on that same first nature hike as in my previous post.  The improvements that I was able to make to this photo from what it was originally is amazing and that has driven me to spending lots of time in the evenings working on my photos.  Not only do I have new photos to work on, but I have been going through my older photos and editing them, adding additional metadata, and with the new website that I have created, very slowly moving them from old online access system, Flicker, to my new one, SmugMug. 

So for me, photography and working on my digital photos has been therapeutic and helped keep my mind occupied on things other than the s*******m known as 2020.