My first foray into street photography

Street photography is an artform that I am new to and have only just begun exploring. It is most often candid photos of people out and about on the street, but does not necessarily have to be photos of people. Some photos can be “of the street,” meaning that it captures a feeling of the street at a particular moment, something interesting, something to think about, or just something really cool. I dove into street photography for the first time this past Fall when I walked around Chauncey Hill in West Lafayette near Purdue University on a Saturday afternoon, a football game day. Aside from the line of people waiting to get into a bar, you really can’t tell it was a game day. I must admit that I am shy about taking photos of people I don’t know. But it is a “thing,” albeit something more common in New York or other big cities, not small cities like Lafayette, or even Indianapolis for that matter. I look forward to building my confidence in the new and exciting area.

I did walk away with a few good ones on this day. This one was my favorite. I can’t explain why, it just looks cool. It is of two friends huddled together on a cold, windy fall day; one is oblivious to my presence, the other notices me but says nothing. She is definitely curious as to why I am taking her photo, but continues on. The storefronts and odd signs pull it all together and makes it pop. This is one that I think looks best in black and white.

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