I’m Back

It’s been a while since my last post, but such is life during a pandemic.  After several months of drama and family difficulties, I am back to attending to my photography matters.  Well, not everything has been put on hold.  During these times, I have managed to progress my Underbelly of Purdue project by going on numerous shoots.  I captured a good portion of the center of campus with the Fall colors in full bloom.  Most of these shoots are not live yet since they have not been processed.  I have stopped shooting this project for the rest of the season and will pick it up again in the Spring.  I have also been working on getting caught up on the processing of my backlog of recent family photos and am working again on transferring my personal photos from Flickr to my hosting website, Smugmug (all hidden and private).  The process for that is a lengthy one since I am taking the time to do additional image editing now that I am using Lightroom and doing quite a bit of metadata enhancement.  Flickr has gotten too messy, clunky, and outdated for my purposes.  Smugmug is a much better system and integrates well with Lightroom. 

In other news, I finally managed to pull enough money together to afford a nice used Canon 5D Mark III, my first full frame/sensor digital camera.  I also got a nice Canon L series 24-105mm lens to go along with it, but more about that in my next post. 

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