Ice Skating During a Pandemic

Nothing out of the ordinary here, other than everyone wearing masks. I took this December 23rd when I took the boys out for a walk downtown. Naturally I grabbed my camera and I am glad that I did. Even though the sun was out and in, mostly in, I managed to snap this one at just the right time. When we walked by this location the first time the rink was not open and it was cloudy. I took a few shots. When we were heading back, there were skaters and the setting sun was shining down on the back half of the scene. I took this shot before heading down below and I am glad I did because the sun disappeared by the time I got down the steps. I still got some good photos, but this was my favorite one of the bunch. I did quite a bit of post-processing but I think I brought it to life more than the raw photo did. The only area that might look over processed is the sky, but who cares, I think it looks cool.