My Canon 5D Mark III

After quite some time of saving, I finally got a full frame, full sensor DSLR.  I snagged me a nice used Canon 5D MARK III.  I was able to get a used L Series Canon 24-105mm lens while I was at it.  I love it.  I love the extra controls which makes changing setting so much easier than the Rebel I’ve been using for almost 10 years.  I hardly ever use the LCD screen for changing settings which is nice.  Also, the full frame is killer for composition, and I can finally use my Canon f1.8 50mm prime lens (the Nifty Fifty) inside the house.  That 50mm was like 70 something mm on my crop sensor which made it almost impossible to use in a house situation, and the larger aperture for exposure is mostly what I was going for.  But with my other two lenses being EF-S lenses, good for a crop camera but not a full frame camera, I needed something else.  This is where the 24-105mm came in.  I needed an all-in-one lens with a wide focal length and zoom capability.  That sucker is as heavy as all hell though. 

Canon 5D Mark III

The one thing that I am disappointed in the 5D is that I was expecting there to be less noise at higher ISOs.  The noise level is definitely better than it was for the Rebel, but not as spectacular as I thought it would be.  I can do a pretty good job cleaning that up in Lightroom, but it is still a hassle.  The photos are very clear but you can see quite a bit of noise in the darker areas when you zoom in.  Maybe I am expecting too much; I should post a photo in my next post and let you all decide.  I looked through my wedding photos and the photographer used a Canon 7D (not a full frame, full sensor) and there was a lot of noise there too which I never noticed before, I guess because I didn’t go looking for it; I just though the photos looked great.  It’s too bad I got through most of my Purdue Campus project with the Rebel, but I can always go back and shoot some shots over in the Spring when I pick up again. 

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